March 12-13th 2020

INVESTMENT: $1500usd

1 days of life changing, hands on lighting classes and a day of a photoshoot with our coaches.

Your retreat registration fee includes your participation in all Wondergloss activities and classes. 2 Retouched images

Breakfast and Lunch included all days! 

Day ONE: Learn how lighting effects your makeup, learn how different modifiers change the appearance of you makeup and how light temperature can trick your eye.

Session 1: Modifiers and how they shape light

Session 2: How lighting temperature can trick the eye and change your work.

Day 2: Photoshoot with Dallas+Dae and Courtney (Two looks TOTAL), then a private session where we show you what our camera sees and the process we go through while retouching. A fantastic chance to get a photographers point of view.

NOTE: You must provide your own model.

Workshop registration is only confirmed when full payment has been received from a participant. If sufficient confirmed registrations have not been received two weeks in advance of the scheduled starting date, the workshop may be cancelled.

In the HIGHLY unlikely event that the workshop is cancelled, all confirmed participants will be notified immediately and receive a full refund.

If a participant chooses to cancel their confirmed registration, or cannot/does not attend the workshop, your payment will not be refunded, however:

  • The registered participant may invite another person to substitute their place in the workshop (in which they are registered) at any time at no charge;

  • Payments MUST be completed. Being our workshop is small and capped, to offer a better learning enviornment, all payment plans must be completed.